Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Monday's suck but coupons rock!

Yesterday was the start of a new week.  The first full week of being back at work and the kids being in daycare and pre-K.  The morning went pretty smoothly and I actually got to work on time.  During my lunch hour I did a little grocery shopping at my local Vons using coupons.  I am just venturing into the world of coupon shopping and so far it rocks!  Yesterday I was able to save 52% using my club card and coupons and everything I purchased was healthy items my family will eat with no problems.  On Sunday I did some grocery shopping at Target and was able to save 44% using coupons.  Other than buying some fruit, a loaf of bread and some milk (which I actually have some coupons for) we are stocked up for the next couple of weeks.  We are on a really tight budget so I have to make our food dollars stretch.

So back to my day, I finished out the work day and picked the kids up.  The drive home was a little on the stressful side because it was raining and apparently no one knows how to drive in the rain.  The drive home should have only taken 20 minutes max and instead it took about 35, all the while Maddy was screaming because she was hungry.  Finally got home around 6:15 and fed the baby.  Logan and I got to eat around 7:30 or so.  I am so grateful he is being patient with his baby sister and understands that she needs so much attention.  I didn’t make the best food choice, I ended up finishing off some tortilla chips and queso but I didn’t go over my allotted calories either.  I was just so tired from not getting any sleep the night before that I just grabbed what I could make in about 30 seconds.  We crawled into bed around 10 pm.

This morning was chaos! Woke up really late and only had about 30 minutes to get everyone ready and out the door.  We made it!  Thankfully I have easy lunch/snack items stored in the fridge and I was able to pull something together in about 1 minute while my coffee was brewing.  Today I had a Trader Joes Greek Salad (140 cal), apple, string cheese, and non-fat strawberry yogurt.  I grabbed breakfast at Starbucks (using a gift card) since I was starving after I dropped the kids off (a veggie breakfast sandwich (350 cal) and skinny mocha (110 cal)).  Tonight Logan and I will have tacos from the leftovers from Sunday night’s dinner. 

On an exercise note – my legs are sore from taking the stairs!  I am glad to finally be moving a little more.  I will get some more exercise tonight since I have to clean house a little and I always burn a few calories doing that. J

Blogging note – in reading some of my favorite blogs I noticed that many post a question at the end so I think I will too.  I hope it will lead to some new information, insight, encouragement and new friendships. 

So do you use coupons? Any fabulous deals as a result of using them?

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