Monday, January 23, 2012

Weekends=Stress :(

This past weekend was tough.  I had ambitious plans to get a lot done, but when it was over, nothing was really done.  I really need to find some balance between taking care of the house, kids and relaxing.   My week days are packed with work all day and taking care of the kids in the evenings, which leaves me exhausted and climbing into bed around 10 pm most nights.  Thus, I have a desire to save up all the house work and major errands for the weekend, but this is not good either.  The kids and I only get to see my husband on the weekends so who wants to spend that time working when it should be a fun relaxing time.  So going back to this past weekend, spent too much time doing nothing really and as a result I returned to work this morning, completely stressed and feeling overwhelmed with the work I need to do at home.  I think I need to plan out my week better and use my lunch hour to run errands and grocery shop.  I get so much more done when I am by myself.  I really do love my family, but they really slow me down when trying to get things done.   Between baby girl requiring almost constant attention, the 5 year old who needs attention and constantly interrupts me to get that attention and my husband who needs helps with practically everything involving the house or the kids, I am left with my head spinning and nothing getting done.   I want to spend time with my family doing fun things, not resenting them because I am left with all the housework and errands to do all weekend.

Then to compound the weekend issues, I overate and ate crap all weekend.  Not the thing to do when trying to lose weight!  I ideally would like to lose two pounds a week but that will not happen if I eat pizza, cake and drink alcohol on the weekends.  But the past is the past and now it is time to move forward.

This morning I am back on track with my food and even got a little exercise in.  For breakfast I had an egg mug omelet and a large cup of decaf coffee with a little nonfat creamer.  I also packed my lunch and snacks (TJ Southwest salad, apple, almonds, Greek black cherry yogurt and string cheese).  I also took the stairs when I got to the office this morning.  I was totally winded after 4 floors of stairs.  I didn’t realize I had gotten that out of shape.  I will be taking the stairs exclusively! No more elevators for me.

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