Thursday, January 26, 2012

On track...

Woohoo! My legs are not as sore as they have been.  Four days and I can finally go up and down the stairs without limping.  Now I just need to get the cardiovascular in check.  I am so winded when I get the top the four flights of stairs.  It is just plain embarrassing that I am this out of shape!  I know it will get better, slowly. 

I stayed completely on track with my food yesterday and actually had some calories left over.  I think the way I am starting my day may be helping my efforts. For the last couple of days for breakfast I have had a fabulous little microwave omelet.  I will post a recipe and pictures tomorrow.  Starting the day with a high fiber, high protein, and low carb meal is helping to keep my cravings in check.  I’ve been able to make it to noon before seeking a snack (which is yogurt or fruit and cheese).  Today I had my left over potato soup (another great low calorie, low fat recipe I created) for my snack and I am enjoying my Greek yogurt while I write this post.  BTW, Chobani Strawberry Banana Greek Yogurt is SUPER YUMMY!!!  Definitely a new favorite!

Now to keep moving on this healthy eating track and not let the weekend knock me off.

So what do you eat to start your day?

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