Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday Madness

This morning started off with some chaos, but every morning does when trying to get two kids ready and out the door along with myself.  Things calmed down by the time I got to work and have been pretty smooth sailing since then. 

Diet wise, I did get a little out of control with the carbs this weekend (major amount of popcorn and mini cupcakes).  I was craving it so I gave in.  It wasn’t bad but I am definitely feeling it today – I can’t get enough to drink.  I guess my body is trying to flush all the salt from the popcorn.  I did start South Beach today and so far so good.  I have craved some bread but I am sticking to my guns and I will do this.

Beck Diet Solution Update:

Day 4 – Give Credit! 

I am supposed to give myself credit each time I do something good, i.e. pass over the bread basket, read my AR cards, exercise, eat slowly, etc.  Too often I am quick beat myself up for failing at something and it creates a downward spiral.  This has been particularly true with trying to lose weight.  I start each day out great, then something happens midday and I give in or cheat on my diet and what happens I give up for the day and say to hell with it, I’ll start again tomorrow.  Well starting again tomorrow has not worked for the past 7 years, so it is definitely not going to start now.  I need to give myself credit when I make the right choices and remind myself of that when I am tempted.  If I do give in, then I need to regroup and start again right away – no more waiting till the next day.

Day 5 – Eat Slowly and Mindfully

I must slow down when I eat.  I need to take time to eat a meal, chew slowly and enjoy my food.  If I enjoy it I will feel full longer and sooner and this will help me reach my goals. 

Day 6 – Find a Diet Coach

So I need to find someone who will be the devil and the angel on my shoulder.  Someone who will hold me accountable and will provide encouragement when needed.  Someone who will be there daily if I need it and will definitely hold me to the plan weekly.  I obviously can’t do this on my own, or I would have lost the weight already.  Any takers?

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