Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day Thoughts

Today I will express my love for those people who really matter and make a difference in my life.

First, I should publicly express how much I love my husband.  He really is awesome.  He loves me and puts up with my craziness.  I may complain that he may not be much help around the house, but he does try and he is a wonderful person.  To think we have been together right at fourteen years and still going strong!  Love you Greg!

Second, I have the most wonderful kids in the world.  Logan is an amazing little boy, who is so bright and kind.  I love to watch him and try to understand how his mind works. Madelyn is my precious little girl and the apple of my eye.  She steals my heart every day with her sweet little smiles.  I am so excited to watch them grow and make their marks on this world.

Lastly, I really do have some awesome family members and friends.  I love the support you all provide me.  Even if we don’t speak often, please know that I think of you all regularly (if not daily). 

I love you all and hope you have a wonderful day!

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