Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Weigh In Wednesday

Happy to report that the scale flashed 239.3  this morning!! 

Still feeling under the weather and still battling some stomach issues.  I’m really tired of coughing today and my voice is sounding pretty raw from all the hacking.

I read the first 4 chapters of The Beck Diet Solution (“BDS”), which was discussion of the program, what the keys to success are, what makes me eat, how thin people eat, and a summary of the things I will learn over the next six weeks.  For the next 6 weeks I will have a daily task to complete.  I will be recording those tasks here, along with any additional thoughts.

So let me begin.

Day 1 – Record the Advantages of Losing Weight

Today I am creating “advantage response cards” (ARC) on which I will write down why I want to lose weight. I will read these cards daily and I will carry these cards with me all the time and when I face challenges or temptations, I will review them to reinforce me desire to lose weight and overcome the challenges.   I will create the cards, post them for reading in various locations, and schedule reminders for me to actually stop and read the cards. So the topic of the first card is:

So why do I want to lose weight?

·         I’ll look better
·         I’ll be more attractive to others
·         I’ll enjoy shopping for clothing more
·         I’ll be able to exercise without discomfort (run easier, cycle longer)
·         I’ll have more energy
·         I won’t be an embarrassment to my family
·         I’ll be able to play with my kids without getting tired
·         I’ll live longer
·         I’ll be able to do more activities (horseback riding, zip-lining, skydiving, hot-air ballooning)
·         I’ll feel more sexually attractive for my husband
·         I’ll feel more in control
·         I’ll be stronger and physically fit
·         I’ll be happy to wear a swimsuit in Hawaii
·         I’ll look good for Greg’s 20 year class reunion

My schedule is to read my ARC cards each morning when I wake up, during my lunch hour and before dinner each night. 

Picture of my completed card will come tomorrow after I dig up some 3x5 cards at home.

QOD:  What are your reasons for losing weight or maintaining your current weight?

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