Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Update (Sick, Super Bowl, Mental)

Still battling a cold and it sucks!! My head hurts and I am totally congested.  At least the stomach flu was short lived (only 3 days).  The weather has also changed again here.  Mother nature can’t seem to make up her mind – one day it is bright and sunny and the next it is cold and damp.  I think all this weather fluctuating is messing with my sinuses as well.

I guess the benefit of all this illness is that I have had really no appetite.  For the Super Bowl (Go Giants!) festivities I made from scratch the following: chili, green chili & cheddar cornbread, pinto beans, salsa, and hot queso dip.  I supplemented it with a fresh veggie tray and some corn chips.  I ate almost nothing!  I felt so awful and none of it really tasted good to me, so I just didn’t eat.  My husband and son chowed down!! They thought it was awesome and ate till they both were ready to pop.  I never intended to eat a ton, but I did plan for the extra calories so I was prepared, but since I never really partook I ended up saving myself a bunch of calories.  I should definitely see a loss on the scale tomorrow. 

As for my pursuit of finding some happiness in the areas that were lacking in my life... I followed some leads but still have not heard anything.  Please keep me in your thoughts that something will pan out.

Exercise wise, I have not been doing too well.  I have taken a hiatus from the stairs since it was irritating my right knee.  I did something to my knee during Christmas and I thought I had gotten over it but I guess not.  It hurts going up and going down.  I’m ok with walking and other activities so I will have to move to something else. 

As I discussed in my post last Wednesday, I have decided to really get to the root of my weight issues (the mental part).  Since I can’t afford psychotherapy I am going to read and implement the Beck Diet Solution (Train Your Brain To Think Like A Thin Person).  The book was discussed in the workshop I attended last week and the fundamental principles are sound.  Furthermore, it is not a diet; it is a thinking plan to works with your diet.  It is all about changing the way you think and your relationship with food.  Right now I turn to food when I am stressed, sad or angry.  I need to break change this relationship and find new ways of coping.  I picked the book up at the library today during my lunch and I will be starting tomorrow.  I will try post daily on the topics and on my thoughts.

QOD: Do emotions trigger you to eat?

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